Agency Info

The Colchester Residential Services Society (C.R.S.S.) is a non-profit, publicly-funded social service agency established in 1979 which provides community-based support to children and adults with disabilities in Colchester County.

The service-delivery focus for all aspects of the agency's operations is the development of skills requisite to meaningful community access and participation.

All facets of agency operation are based on the premise that each person supported by the agency is capable of change and growth. The potential for change may vary from person to person (as it does with all people) but, to the degree that it is exists; it should be recognized and nurtured.

It is the responsibility of the Colchester Residential Services Society to provide opportunities for those changes to be positive experiences for each person and his/her community. The development of services for people supported by C.R.S.S. is guided by the standards set out in its Service Principles.