Statement of Values and Principles

Statement of Values and Principles

We believe:

vThat citizenship must be extended to all Canadians;

vThat each person should be respected as a unique individual;

vThat friends and family are of utmost importance in the lives of the people we serve;

vThat all people have the right to belong in their community;

vThat all people be valued for the gifts that they bring to their community;

vThat people with disabilities should be supported and encouraged to make decisions that affect their lives;

vIn providing quality homes for people with disabilities that are safe and comfortable;

vThat all children have the right to be educated in regular classrooms with appropriate levels of support;

vThat real work means real pay;

vIn the importance of  working in partnership with others (organizations, community             groups, businesses and government bodies) to maximize the quality of life of the people

we serve;

vIn the importance of honoring and promoting environmentally and socially responsible practices as we fulfill our mission and vision;

vThat remembering and sharing our history will help guide and build our vision for the future;

vThat services and supports must be delivered in a way that respects an individual’s diverse history, culture, race, religion, and sexual orientation

vThat inclusive communities enrich the lives of all citizens;