yacro in retrospect

  • YACRO begins!

    The Yarmouth Association for Community Residential Options, a not-for-profit association, was formed by a concerned group of aging parents who had children with a disability. As they aged, these parents became worried about the future of their children, and who would provide the care and support when they could no longer do so. As a result, they formalized the agency on April 1, 1990.

  • First small options home opens

    In December, 1991 as a result of the closure of the Digby Children’s Training Center, YACRO opened the first small options home for children in the province of Nova Scotia and upon request from the Department of Community Services.


    Three children moved from the Digby Training Center into a new home in Yarmouth.

  • Two new homes for adults.

    In July 1992, two homes for adults were opened in Yarmouth.


    These two locations became the new homes for four people who were previously living in an institutional setting at Harbourside Lodge in Yarmouth, along with two who had been living with their families.

  • 1996- YACRO expands to Metro!

    In November of 1996 YACRO opened two children’s small options homes in Lower Sackville.


    How and why did this happen?


    The Department of Community Services was closing the Children’s Training Center in Dartmouth and approached YACRO, because of their proven experience supporting Children, to expand services.  Noting the considerable distance between the main office and these programs, the board and Senior Managers considered all of the pros and cons. In the end, providing quality community support to as many individuals as possible won out.


    After countless discussions and strategic plans, YACRO decided to embark on this venture which sparked the large program that exists in the Metro area today.

  • YACRO built its current office location on Thurston Street.

    The building was completely renovated to serve our purposes. We also were able to build an Annex building on the same lot for our training and meeting needs.

  • Shanty Café Consignment and More

    YACRO recognized the need for employment opportunities in our community. At this time, we found a location on Central Street for a consignment store and small café. This business was a great introduction to the world of Social Enterprise for us, creating lots of learning experiences for everyone involved.


    In 2013 The Shanty Café was expanded. The Shanty went from a small café with a limited menu to the restaurant that it is today. With the help of an Indian Chef, authentic ethnic food became our thing! Today, the café is still one of Downtown’s busiest eateries!!!

  • 2009- Our first Social Enterprise, All-Ways-Us was created!

    Our first Social Enterprise was established in Metro in 2009!


    All-Ways-Us was created to address the employment options for our individuals. Countless research and hours of time was spent to find just the right recipes for our bath and beauty products. Throughout this period many local business approached us to create soaps and candles specifically for them.


    Some of our partnerships have included, Mason’s Apple Orchard, Garrison Brewery, Halifax Distillery, Sugar Moon Farms and Kept.

  • New METRO Office moves to Burnside, Dartmouth.

    In September 2010, YACRO purchased a New Office building in Burnside, Dartmouth.


    Prior to this YACRO rented office spaces in various locations throughout HRM.

  • May 2016 - The Store Next Door opens!

    The Store with the creative, and unique name! This store was a created to showcase the amazing products that our employees have been creating over the years.


    From homemade All-Ways-Us soaps, wooden products, and hockey furniture, the store is a hidden gem for locals and tourists to explore.

  • June 2019 - A new Hub!

    With YACRO's growth over the years, our office and training space grew smaller. After numerous attempts to find just the right location, nothing quite fit our needs. In June 2019 YACRO purchased The Hub !!!


    This was a community space that had been vacant for a few years and has provided us with storage, training space, event space, and space for all agency activities.



  • 2020- New home is built

    This is the first home that was built in collaboration with the Department of Community Services, Dumaresq Architects and Delmar Construction